Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Fog Computing

By Aaron Jackson, MBA, VP of Solutions Architecture, Keystone Technologies

Dating back to the early 2000s, cloud computing has been the hottest topic in IT. It’s made a significant difference in how technology is considered, deployed, and managed within all industries, including the Healthcare industry. Simply put, it’s been a game changer. Cloud computing created efficiencies and completely shifted our understanding of, and appreciation for, “scalability”, “flexibility”, “availability”, “reliability”, and “manageability”. With the rise of “as a service” delivery models, many people still think cloud computing is magical!

The problem, however, is as we move into a significantly more connected world where we want to support many new Internet of Things (IoTs) and applications, cloud computing alone is becoming increasingly inadequate. There’s a growing need for having computing capabilities closer to end users and those IoTs because we can’t wait for all that data to traverse up to the cloud and back down to us. This problem is driving the next trend of innovation called “fog computing”.

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